The local charity sector is getting an extra boost from UTV as the local broadcaster prepares for its move from Belfast’s Ormeau Road to new premises at City Quays.

As part of the decommissioning of the building and its contents, UTV has teamed up with Play Resource and is donating no longer needed furniture, storage and stationery items for onward donation to local charities and community groups.

UTV’s Facilities Manager, Julie-Anne Coote said, “Our main goal is to be as environmentally friendly as possible in the disposing of items that we will not be bringing to our new studios in June 2018. We’ve teamed up with the Play Resource Centre, as they act as a central warehouse for charities and community groups which need specific items for their activities.

Paul Rosato of Play Resource said, “Many companies don’t realise that their unwanted materials can be someone else’s treasure. And we are absolutely delighted with the variety of items that UTV has been able to donate. From staplers, old film reel cans and storage boxes right up to tables and chairs, we have been able to provide local charities with items they would otherwise have had to buy. So far local groups such as Headway the Brain Injury Association, Springboard and North Belfast Mens Shed have been over the moon to receive items that UTV has donated to us.”

As well as continuing to partner with Play Resource, UTV will be working in coming months with other specialist charitable organisations to upcycle dated IT and other electronic equipment.

Head of News and Programmes at UTV, Terry Brennan said, “Since ITV bought UTV in 2016, it has invested heavily in new equipment and infrastructure, the culmination of which will be the move next year to brand new HD studios and offices at City Quays. We will continue to work hard to ensure that all our unwanted equipment and furniture goes to those that can make best use of it.”