Neurovalens, the Belfast based tech company behind the revolutionary health-tech wearable headset, Modius, is pleased to announce its 3,000th customer is now trialing the headset. It reached this milestone as it exhibits at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week and attends the associated Show Stoppers 2018 showcase.


The product has also this week been shortlisted in the Best Innovation category in the Sports Technology Awards 2018.  Other short-listed names include FC Barcelona, NASCAR & Microsoft, Fitbit, Puma, the Marylebone Cricket Club, Leicester Tigers, USA Hockey and the NBA.


“With more than three thousand Modius devices in the hands of consumers around the world, we’re now getting really meaningful data in via the app of users. 


“We’re seeing consumers lose approximately half a stone in an average period of three months, this equates to around 4% body-weight being shed. Our top 10% of users lost 18lbs after three months daily usage and 25lbs over four months.”


“We are seeing, as expected, a spectrum of results with one user having lost 32lbs (almost two and a half stone or 13.5% body-weight) and its clear that the more you use Modius, the leaner you become.” said CEO and co-founder Dr. Jason McKeown M.D, originally from Portglenone in County Antrim.


“So far, we are seeing no particular differences in men and women with both becoming leaner at approximately the same rate. Similarly starting size doesn’t matter, the heavier you are at the start clearly the more there is to lose, but the pace at which people become leaner is the same. And nor does age matter, most of our results are from people in their 30s, 40s and 50s and all are becoming leaner at broadly the same rate.”


“We see Modius as the first generation of ‘careable technology.’ In our case, helping people get lean simply through stimulation of the vestibular nerve. We’re in the early foothills of a neuroscience-led revolution in global health and proud to be leading such a massive push in this direction.”


Modius user David Brown, 55, from Belfast, Northern Ireland says “The headsets arrived at the end of September and I have used it every day, early evening, and have never missed a session. Within a week, changes were happening, I was feeling less hungry, sleeping better and wanting to eat healthier foods. The journey continues but so far I have lost almost 30 pounds and I am down to 190 pounds.” 


A successful Indiegogo campaign for Modius last summer saw the brand surpass its target goal of £37,000 in just four hours, and, in total, it has raised close to £1.5 million from 4,000 backers across more than 80 countries.


Neurovalens, the parent company to Modius, is using these additional funds raised to invest in additional research and further develop Modius and to continue to build its team which has grown from just three to almost twenty in just 14 months.