Specialist dyslexia service launches at Dungannon Optometrists

A COUNTY-TYRONE optometrist has invested almost £160,000 in new specialist equipment and a practice refurbishment, marking the launch of its new service – Dyslexia Solutions – which has already proved to be an effective treatment for dyslexia in approximately 85% of patients.


Noel McCrystal, Principle Optometrist at McCrystal Opticians at Scotch Street Centre in Dungannon, has specialised in helping both children and adults to overcome the symptoms of the condition for a number of years.  The store re-fit and state-of-the-art equipment has offered McCrystal Opticians the opportunity to deliver one of the most sophisticated dyslexia services in Ireland.


As one of the few optometrists in Ireland to have completed ‘Schoolvision’  – a diploma which investigates muscular anomalies in the eye – Noel has created a bespoke programme called Dyslexia Solutions. The programme combines learnings from Schoolvision with four other techniques to alleviate the majority of symptoms for customers who are dyslexic.


Noel McCrystal explains: “I fully understand the challenges that can exist with visual stress and dyslexia, having experienced dyslexia throughout my younger years. Through learnings, trials and advances in technology, I addressed my own dyslexia and since I began to offer services for the treatment of dyslexia in the practice, we’ve witnessed incredible results, helping around 85% of clients with dyslexia to see and read more clearly.”


Dyslexia Solutions is an 18-month programme that has been created by Noel McCrystal. It uses technology such as a Chromagen, Colorimetry and Orthoscopics, combined with the practices of Schoolvision and regular appointments to take customers on a journey where their symptoms of dyslexia begin to gradually disappear.


Having refurbished the existing premises on Scotch Street Centre, Dungannon, McCrystal Opticians now offers a new multi-sensory play area which enhances McCrystal’s reputation as Northern Ireland’s first Optician service to receive the NAS Autism-Friendly Award.


Commenting on the new developments within McCrystal Opticians, Noel McCrystal adds: “Since we opened our doors in Dungannon 23 years ago, we have strived to achieve continuous improvement and innovation within our services, our premises and in the skill base across our whole team.”


Noel finished by stating: “Continuing to develop our business through our recent refurbishment and the launch of Dyslexia Solutions marks the next chapter for McCrystal Opticians and adds to our reputation as a forward-thinking, innovative and family-friendly practice.”


In 2017, McCrystal Opticians was named as ‘Family Optician of the Year’ in the UK and Ireland at the Optician Awards. McCrystal Opticians is located at Scotch Street Centre, Dungannon. Noel can be contacted on +44 (0) 2887 722379 or via email at icare@mccrystalopticians.com