World Milk Day  is truly a global event for the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland (DCNI) as it shines a light on the work of local dairy farmers, following the successful exhibition of NI Dairy Products at the SIAL Shanghai.

One of the world’s largest food exhibitions saw representatives from some of the main Northern Ireland dairy companies showcasing their products to the Chinese market, highlighting both the traceability and transparency of the whole supply chain that delivers the highest quality dairy products.

Dr Mike Johnston MBE, Chief Executive of the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland explains: “Following the successful event in China, this World Milk Day we want to celebrate the commitment of our local dairy farmers and we hope that local consumers will join us in celebrating the fantastic job that they do which is increasingly being acknowledged world–wide.

“Milk from Northern Ireland dairy herds is of the highest standard and is widely recognised as being amongst the best in the world in terms of quality. Buyers at the exhibition were focused on quality, and were impressed by the monitoring and auditing  by Government agencies, providing confidence and trust in NI dairy products. They heard firsthand how a comprehensive programme of inspections, audits and testing is carried out to verify industry compliance of all aspects of production and processing.”

Global demand for milk and dairy products is continuing to increase, with buyers and consumers around the world valuing the nutrition that dairy products provide.  With its ability to grow grass and produce milk, Northern Ireland is well placed to help meet the growing demand for high quality dairy products.