The Lagan Rivers Trust, supported by Phoenix Natural Gas, recently completed a key environmental initiative to connect the local community with the Seymour Hill Woodland and river area.

Trevor Ogborn from the Lagan River Trust said, “For the past number of years, Lagan Rivers Trust has been working on a project to rejuvenate the Seymour Hill Woodland area with the aim of improving woodland biodiversity and increasing people’s understanding and enjoyment of the woodland and river environment.

“This large scale project has involved the creation of a path to connect the local community woodland with the river environment, enabling visitors to enjoy an area previously inaccessible to them. In addition, we were delighted to have the support of one of our key corporate partners, Phoenix Natural Gas, who provided some funding for the project, including seating areas for the area to allow the public to enjoy the surroundings.

“Through this project, we aim to inspire visitors to enjoy and value the river and woodland. Long term, we hope that the site will become a self-sustaining native woodland, with continued public access across the site, and a good habitat for local biodiversity.

“This is still a work in progress and depends heavily on volunteer participation. We welcome input and suggestions from the community, local businesses and funders, and other partners, to develop and improve this site, and others throughout the Lagan catchment. There are many opportunities for corporate involvement and volunteering e.g. control of Non Native Invasive plants, river cleans and habitat improvement. There is also a lot of scope for school participation and water based sports.

“We are delighted to see the project come to fruition and to mark the official opening of the new site at Seymour Hill with a special “thank you” event welcoming local school children, business partners and local politicians and we hope to see increasing visitor numbers to the area over the summer months.”

Jonathan Martindale, Director of Sales and Marketing at Phoenix Natural Gas said, “Phoenix Natural Gas recognises its environmental responsibilities within the areas we are serving and we are delighted to continue our relationship with the Lagan River Trust to deliver important environmental initiatives that benefit the wider community.”

“Last year we worked closely with the Trust to regenerate a river bed in the Lisburn area and encourage a resurgence of aquatic life in the area. This project to develop the woodland at Seymour Hill and connect the community with the river will hugely benefit local school groups, anglers, conservationists and visitors alike. We are delighted to support this key environmental project and help inspire the community to enjoy local woodland.”

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